Topics covered – through a consultancy or a mentoring approach

The selection below consists of a mixture of finance and business skills you may need to acquire or develop:

Accounting Issues (finance and management)
  • Reading Profit and Loss Accounts with confidence
  • Interpreting Balance Sheets and completing health checks on your own or on other companies
  • Introducing and managing effective budgetary control systems
  • Determining BEP at various cost/volume levels
  • Understand clearly the relationship between fixed and variable cost
  • Application on marginal costing techniques to make/buy decisions
  • Pricing for Profit – maximise results by applying price / volume / cost matrices to new or existing services
  • Using spreadsheets to determine correct overhead allocation rates
  • Delivering a set of robust financials to Venture Capitalists
  • Using spreadsheet formulas effectively – including the use of anchors to consider ‘what if’ situations to debatable outcomes.

(note this list is not exhaustive)

Number crunching issues

  • Averaging and SD
  • Analysis of sales data
  • Market Research
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Forecasting
  • Production quotas
  • Time Series
  • Correlation and Regression

(note this list is not exhaustive)


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