Making use of Hargreaves Lansdown Research Work

I’ve been working hard evaluating Hargreaves Lansdown latest top 150 funds report – published in November 2012.  At a glance, it enables you to compare the performance of over 700 investment funds in the marketplace.

That’s the good news – the bad news is you can now easily compare any ISA funds you currently own, with others on the market, hoping the results are good!  The analysis is easy to complete and is based on performance, charges, savings and analysis.  It is a really good document.

Perhaps it may not make good reading for some, but should at least spur some activity (i.e. switching funds), especially if you haven’t any cash available for this year’s ISA allowance on stocks and shares purchase.

The report includes their favourite top 150 from all the funds available – and it seems reasonably unbiased . You could put this on a spreadsheet for further analysis. I have just updated my spreadsheets.   This enables you to do your own research work – including trending.

They do ask for your details to get the report – but I feel this is a small price to pay for the valuable information contained.

If any reader has an alternative source of information – please let me know.

Investing this year?

My advice is there is no immediate rush – perhaps waiting until March 2013.

I may even delay completely until the stock market really starts to begin the recovery process  i.e. FTSE moving upward from the 6000 level. It was down to 5,605 at last Friday’s close. This time it was the Israel/Hamas situation plus the current US tax impasse  that caused it to tumble around 200 points.




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