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ratios, depreciation and more …
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Annual Reports (Free)
Companies House (UK Govt.)
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Accounting Standards UK SSAPs Web link to PDFs
Why Didn’t the Auditors find the Fraud?  Factsheet

Downloads, Tips and Challenges!
Simple Finance Definitions – Capital, Assets Liabilities + Working Capital and Profits
Finance Definitions 1
Finance Definitions: Gilts, Corporate Bonds EBIT and Profit Finance Definitions 2
Cash Flow forecasting (applying variable and fixed cost concepts)
Can you solve the problem?
Morris Question
Marginal Costing vs. Absorption Costing
Marginal costing vs Absorption
Drake Special Order – covering marginal costing techniques.
Can you solve the problem?
Drake Question
Capital Budgeting. Can you solve the problem?
NPV, Payback & IRR
Capital Budgeting £800,000

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