Special for SEPG members in Harrogate

CIPD – SEPG Members -  Follow on from ‘Crunching the Numbers’ Presentation at meeting on Jan 16, 2012

Given the discussions following last night’s presentation, I would be delighted to try and arrange a follow-up a one day ‘Finance Awareness/Update’ programme, exclusive to Harrogate SEPG members at the Britannia Leeds Bradford Airport Hotel in Bramhope.

It’s purpose will be to:

provide freelancers with skills to better understand their client’s financial statements/position


help you to make better use of spreadsheet applications – perhaps to manage/organise your own finances/invoice systems or use Excel as a simple CMS system.

Content of the day:   Balance sheets  - 2 hours, Profit & Loss – 2 hours and then lunch.

After lunch – the rest of afternoon will be fairly informal looking at spreadsheet applications. I have a massive stock of templates to review, but your time could be used to create/update any existing spreadsheets you may have – with my support, when needed.

On spreadsheet applications, I will include time to show you just how easy it is to create your own ‘What If’ situations – so you don’t always need to bring in an accountant.

Cost will be approximately £100 (no Vat) and that will include lunch on the day.

You will receive a quality handout and a range of spreadsheets to experiment and adapt for own use.

If interested, send me an email or give me a call to discuss further -  mob 07973 330324.

Session will be held sometime in February 2012.

Regards Ian Linnegan


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