Is our Coaching/Mentoring service right for You?

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People we can help

The following list is not exhaustive but gives a broad guideline of who may benefit from a blend of consulting and coaching help.
  • Small business owners who need lots of support and guidance to start to make sense of all the financial jargon and numbers issues that’s currently preventing them from making effective finance-related decisions (home services, construction, retail, manufacture etc.)
  • Busy executives who need to complete a “Finance for Non-Financial Manager” programme ASAP, or seek a speedy refresher on specific finance topics – e.g. investment appraisal techniques (target audience includes; Sales Executives, CIOs, Production Managers, HR, IT etc.)
  • SMT’s in not-for-profit organisations (government agencies, social clubs, sports centre managers etc.)
  • Entrepreneurs needing to submit robust business plans with numbers that ‘stack-up’ correctly to attract business angels or banks.
  • Private investors on the stock market needing a higher level of understanding of corporate Annual Reports to make tough investment decision – i.e. when to buy or sell!
  • Chairs and board members who need to understand the budget process thoroughly to control costs and deliver improved ‘value for money’ services.
  • Fast trackers seeking to get up to speed quickly – new job interview or recent promotion.
  • Part-time MBA-type students taking finance modules on professional courses.
  • Potential Sage50 accounts users who need assistance with installation and help with understanding accounting concepts.

It’s too easy to continually put off making important decisions simply because you don’t actually know what you really need to know! Spend time with a professional coach who’s qualifications include an Hons Degree in Business Management and has sufficient experience to help create SMART objectives that really work for you.

Nothing Ventured ….

It is worth a short call and talk with Ian and find out if he has the knowledge base you would like to tap into and is willing to provide the practical help, guidance and support you need to make better quality decisions.

For Corporates and HR staff please visit Corporate Programme  details.

For SME’s and Not for Profit organisations please go to One2One coaching details.

For anyone else, please give me a call 07973 330324 or view the coach’s podcast .

To review what clients have said about the coach, please visit testimonials.








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